Femke (1991), mostly at home in the Spanish Pyrenees. Nice to meet you!

I travel, I observe and I write. About what strikes me, what I experience and what I think. I live where I work and sometimes I don’t work anywhere. But if…

Since 2014 I have been working self-employed and my life has consisted of making beautiful (climbing) trips, working as an outdoor sports or snow sports instructor and cooking for groups. Over time it has become clear that my different adventures center around one and the same thing: the mountains.

Therefore, I followed the UIMLA International Mountain Leader training in Aragon (Spain). This way I can professionally share my most incredible mountain adventures with you. I am taking with me my academic background in Cultural Studies and my experience with guiding kids and youth during outdoor activities.

If I am also interested in something other than mountains? Hell yes! For example, I like to be challenged to think about human psychology and personal development. Not to forget history, philosophy and world views: how do we view the world, our own existence, what is considered to be truth? I think the mountains are a perfect backdrop to take a good look at ourselves.

See you in the Pyrenees and everywhere beyond!

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