Many mountain activities are ideal for families. Depending on the level of the family members, we will find a trip together that is enjoyable for everyone. I see it as my challenge to make every child, young or old, enthusiastic about the variety that can be found outside and in everyone himself. For example, during the trip I will provide sufficient distraction from walking itself: an introduction to orientation and searching for the route together with a map and compass; which plants do we know from home and which more can we eat, smell, feel and taste; can we find traces of the life that used to be here (dinosaurs!) or the life that is now; and who is able to recognize the large (predatory) birds? The playful experience of the environment and the enhancement of their own skills, self-confidence and teamwork will be central in this.

And this is not only meant for the little ones, but certainly also for our teenager adults. With or without parents: together we will look for greater challenges, experience that we can push so many boundaries, that we are capable of so much more than we actually thought. And what better than spending a night without those old men on top of a mountain in a real hut or under the milkyway? Promised, I’ll leave the spooky stories at home (but not the marshmallows).